Clinical study
starts with Sanosar

Our tools reduce friction --

making collaboration between investigators, research coordinators, biostatisticians, IRBs easier.

making design of complex trials more investigator-friendly through templates & automation.

Clinical studies shouldn't take months to get started...

Clinicians shouldn't need a biostatistics background

The goal is better patient outcomes, but studies require precise protocols. Investigators aren't experts in biostats and shouldn't need to spend months going back-and-forth with a biostatistician to bootstrap a study.

The solution is simple -- allow investigators, biostatisticians, and study administrators to collaborate in real-time (no more emails) and provide templates for common patterns.

Let the investigator focus on the clinical outcomes, the biostatistician focus on obtaining insights,

Investigators shouldn't feel IRBs are a burden

Clinicians and IRBs know how to engage with patients. Sponsors know the drug or device to be investigated. It shouldn't take a six months of emails and negotiation to agree on procedures.

The solution is simple -- give clinical operations teams, investigators, IRBs the ability to design clinical research together, with best practices baked in.

Sanosar Connect

Your clinical study enables you to reach better patient outcomes.
Sanosar Connect is the toolbox to build those studies collaboratively.

What is it?

Sanosar Connect is the software platform for clinical study development.

For investigators & study designers, it starts with protocol templates which you can base your study on. You'll have your first IRB-ready draft in days.
For sponsors & administrators, it includes with a protocol management system to design complex multi-site study protocols in a single pane of glass.
For institutions, it has all the tooling you'll need for IRB collaboration & approval.

For Sponsors & Institutions

Enable direct collaboration between your biostatisticians, administrators, investigators, etc

Protocols are living documents. Track feedback, changes, and approvals in a single pane

Coordinate complex master protocols and objectives across multi-site research

For Investigators

Study templates from our clinical study library, your institution's library, or your prior studies

Collaborative on protocols within your clinical research team, IRB, or sponsors -- no more email chains

Calculate realistic research goals based on patient frequency and other heuristics


Managed Cloud

We provide a managed and secure instance of Sanosar Connect that runs in the cloud. You don't need to task your IT team or purchase additional infrastructure.


We integrate with your existing platform including IRB submissions systems, CTMS platforms, and EHR systems.

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